Demo Guide

After following the link to Create a Post, you will be redirected to the WordPress Dashboard and granted Temporary Access.

In the Dashboard, find “Posts” in the Navigation Menu, and then “Add New”

This will generate a new post. A tutorial for using the WordPress block editor will appear. If you are unfamiliar with this editor, you may find this helpful. Otherwise, you can X out of the tutorial and dive right in by Adding a Title to your Post.

I added the Title “Liz’s Demo Post” but you can call yours whatever you like. Sometimes, for testing purposes, I like to title my post with the Question ID I want to test on the page.

From here, you can add some content to help ideate on your potential use-case, but for the purposes of the the demo, keep it simple.

I placed some columns on the page using the block editor for formatting purposes, but this is not necessary at this point.

When you’re ready to place the shortcode for the Morphii Plugin you can use a plain “Paragraph” block, but we recommend selecting a “Custom HTML” block from the editor.

Shortcode Example:

If you’d like to ask a different question, visit the Questions & IDs Library and copy the Question ID you prefer. In this case, I wanted to ask people how they feel about our pricing compared to our competitors, so I selected Question ID MWP108.

Replace the existing Question ID in the shortcode with the ID for the question you would like to ask.

Now you’re ready to update the page and View. Your end result should look something like this:

We advise only asking one question per post; but, feel free to make as many posts as you like to experiment with different Morphii questions and response sets.