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The Plugin You Need to Power Insights on Your Website

The most engaging plugin for experience capture is now available to WordPress users, large and small.

Vetted by Market Research Pros, Morphii elevates consumer insights around your brand, products, services, content, and more.

Morphii® provides an engaging way to capture more accurate Experience Data (X-Data) from your audience, customers, users, etc.-bringing you data you can actually use about what people are feeling, and how intensely, as they interact with your website, content, products, and/or brand.

Morphii minimizes bias and the need to interpret ratings, by provoking more authentic X-Data from the majority, not just outliers. And, intensity data elevates predictive capacity, helping you forecast their next move. Plus, with Morphii Pro Plugins, you have access to invaluable open-ended text feedback, provoked and enhanced by Morphii’s digital mirror effect

How does this content make you feel? Express yourself with Morphii®